About Atiwa Computing, Inc.

The Secret To Becoming Houston’s Most Responsive And Reliable IT Services Company For Nearly 4 Decades? Two Simple Words.

The mission statement of Atiwa Computing, Inc., consists of only two very powerful words: “Helping Others.” Those two words are the heartbeat of every single team member – including our founder and president, Wayne Springer – and every policy we make. It’s also why we branded our company “Atiwa,” the Native American word for a welcoming safe haven. We are constantly in the mindset of providing a safe haven to others in order to free their time and energy on efficiently running their own businesses. We bend to accommodate our customers’ needs and challenges.

It sparks questions like:

“How can we best help others get their IT issues resolved even FASTER?”

That question forced us to constantly monitor our response times, keep improving and never be complacent. The results: our friendly, English-speaking technicians will work to resolve your company’s technical problem in just eight minutes or less! Even better, 83% of our tickets are closed – that means issues are fully resolved – within 24 hours.

“How can we best help others get their IT issues fixed the FIRST TIME?”

There’s nothing more frustrating to businesses than having to fix the SAME IT problem over and over again. To ensure that never happens to our customers, we have put the RIGHT people in the RIGHT positions to ensure near 100% reliability. We are proud of our 94% “First-Time Fix” process. For the remaining 6% of our customers, their problem is immediately escalated to top team priority resolution.

“How can we best help others to protect their data from cybercriminals and hackers?”

Your data IS your business. Once hackers steal your data, it can cost you incredible amounts of money, downtime, customers, as well as your reputation. That’s why our team became experts at helping the in-demand specialists in Houston – health care, CPAs, law firms, financial firms, engineering companies, as well as oil and gas. We help these industries to confidently protect their assets from cyber security dangers, to assure regulatory compliance and to be mindful of cost containment and budgetary concerns.

We Bought Michael Dell’s Very First Computer!

Before we started Atiwa Computing, Inc., my wife, DeDe, and I set up Houston’s very first computer rental operation. Back in the early days of the PC industry, computers were outrageously priced and pretty hard to come by. So, rather than spend all that money, we figured we would just rent a computer to accomplish a short-term work project that Wayne was assigned at his job. We quickly found out that NOBODY rented computers – our “aha moment.” Before long, our business was born.

But we still needed a computer to get started. We saw an ad in the newspaper (no Craigslist in 1983) for a used computer and went to the address to check it out. Answering the door was a 16-year-old kid with thick Coke-bottle glasses and curly hair. His name was Michael Dell, which meant nothing to us at the time. But, boy, was that kid smarter than a whip.

So, young Michael Dell – future billionaire and founder of Dell Technologies – sold us the very first computer he ever sold! Funny thing was, it wasn’t a Dell or even a PC…it was an Apple IIe. I’ll never forget Michael Dell calling me up during his freshman year of college at the University of Texas to tell me he had moved from his dorm room to an apartment. He was leaving school, temporarily, to build computers full-time. He said his dad had made him a deal: if he could sell $100,000 in computers (back in the ’80s), he could quit school for good and work for himself. Well, he DOUBLED that goal and had already sold $200,000 in computers before the end of his second semester!

Providing A Layered Approach To Combat Cyber Security

Cyber security today can no longer be ignored. Within the last five years, cybercrime, data breaches and ransomware attacks have multiplied by a factor of 1,000. Hackers now have so many tricks to break into your network and steal your data that doing only the bare minimum, such as virus protection, is simply not enough to protect your business.

To us, cyber security for your business is similar to protecting your home. Sure, you can lock the door to keep people out. A dead bolt and alarm system will certainly keep you better protected. You can even hire a private bodyguard to stand out front with a gun. Problem is, now they’re coming down the chimney. That’s why the team at Atiwa embraces a sophisticated layered approach to protecting your data and your business, which includes the latest hardware, the most proven software, as well as up-to-date education and training.

Everyone on the Atiwa Computing team makes it a priority to continuously grow their knowledge base through education, training and certifications. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another IT services provider in the Houston area as decorated with certifications and partnerships. Among our advantages, we are a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, SonicWall Platinum Partner, SentinelOne Security Partner, Huntress Security Partner and ThreatLocker Security Certified Partner, in addition to being Cisco Certified and Microsoft Networking Infrastructure Certified.

Whether it’s the peace of mind from our layered cyber security measures, the confidence that we will respond within eight minutes or our 90-Day Guarantee, where you can try our services at no risk for three full months, Atiwa Computing, Inc., is Houston’s first choice in IT services providers. It’s the reason we have earned over 30 five-star Google reviews and multiple awards, including the Business Excellence Award, being listed among the Largest Cyber Security Companies in the Houston Book Of Lists and earning the City of Houston Premier Service Award.

Among our proudest accomplishments are authoring the Amazon best-selling book Sitting Duck: Why YOUR Business Is A Cybercriminal’s Ideal Target and serving Houston area small businesses’ IT needs by enhancing their protection and productivity for over 37 years!

Wayne Springer Bio

Wayne Springer Started Atiwa Computing, Inc. – Houston’s Most Responsive IT Services Company For Over 37 Years – To Stop IT Bullies In Their Tracks

Among Wayne Springer’s proudest accomplishments is opening the doors to an IT services company that has been serving and protecting businesses throughout the Houston area for nearly FOUR DECADES! Since 1983, Wayne has proven his technical and cyber security expertise by leading his team and earning a long list of certifications, including Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, SonicWall Platinum Partner, SentinelOne Security Partner, Huntress Security Partner, ThreatLocker Security Partner and Cisco Certified Partner.

Wayne always strives to ensure his IT company will be a safe haven for Houston business owners who long to free themselves from IT issues and security worries. He discovered the perfect word that refers to a welcoming safe haven: the Native American word “Atiwa.” For over 37 years, Atiwa Computing, Inc., has been a beacon of light to any business owner who is ready to focus 100% on their business.

Since Age 9, Wayne Has Always Despised Bullies – People And Businesses That Physically, Emotionally Or Financially Intimidate Others

When Wayne was just three years old, his father was killed in a military aircraft crash. So, Wayne grew up with his sister and widowed mother. While his mom worked hard for what they had, Wayne knew his family was poor, as they lived on “the wrong side of the tracks” in El Paso, Texas.

He will never forget “moving day.” At age nine, it was Wayne’s first run-in with bullies. He found his mom sitting on a moving box, sobbing uncontrollably. The moving men had demanded ANOTHER $100 cash – money she didn’t have – or they wouldn’t bring her furniture inside from their moving truck, parked on the street. Unable to fight those grown-up bullies, Wayne made a pact with himself that he would make it his PRIMARY MISSION to always stop bullies and strive to make a difference in helping to protect others and prevent wrongdoing.

Fighting IT Bullies With Cyber Security Solutions That Keep Hackers Away

After serving as an Army officer for seven years to deal with bullies on a national level, Wayne shifted his focus to helping small businesses where aggressive bullies run rampant: the IT industry. Not only are there cyberbullies who stop at nothing to steal your data, disrupt your business and cost you money, time and your reputation, there are also bullies disguised as heroes. These are IT services businesses that take forever to respond and resolve your problem. Plus, they charge crazy high prices or nickel-and-dime you to death.

Wayne Springer’s mission statement is just two words: “Helping Others.” Wayne says, “By helping others, I’m fighting all the different bullies in IT by responding quickly to every call, by charging a reasonable and fixed-rate flat fee, and by providing the cyber security protection you need to keep cyberbullies out!”

Honors Of Distinction

In over three decades in business, Wayne Springer has made a name for himself in both IT and cyber security. First, he has earned several distinctive awards, such as the Business Excellence Award and being listed among the Largest Cyber Security Companies in the Houston Book Of Lists. In addition, he is the proud author of the Amazon best-selling book Sitting Duck: Why YOUR Business Is A Cybercriminal’s Ideal Target. Wayne is a highly sought-after speaker, and many small business owners have heard him speak about cyber security at industry events or during local radio station interviews.

Personal Interests

In his personal life, Wayne and his wife, DeDe, have three grown children as well as four grandsons. They are both very involved in the community near Houston where they have lived for over 40 years. Over the years they have contributed considerable time and money to support the PTSD Foundation of America, Camp Hope, Spring Branch Independent School District, Memorial Area Ministries and church mission projects.