Why Choose Us? Why do business with Atiwa Computing? Here are the Top 7 things that we do better than everyone else, and make us different from our competitors:
  1. Responsiveness. We are more responsive than the average IT support firm. The industry average response time is 4-6 hours or longer. Also, most of our competitors don’t guarantee any type of response time in their SLA (Service Level Agreement), and many outsource their Help Desk to another country. We have a well-staffed Help Desk. We answer our phones LIVE, and guarantee to have a friendly English-speaking technician working on resolving a problem within 8 minutes or less of receiving your call to our Help Desk. If your company has an average of 1 support request a week, and it takes your technician 4 hours to respond on average, you’ll end up wasting 208 hours – or 8.6 weeks – WAITING on your tech to simply respond, which doesn’t account for the time it may take them to resolve it.
  2. Availability. Our phones are answered LIVE. You and your team can reach us 24 / 7.
  3. Experience. Atiwa is the most experienced independent IT services company in Houston. We’ve been in business, helping clients like yourself, since 1983. That’s decades more experience than our closest competitor. Our team of Microsoft Certified techs solve problems correctly the first time. That saves your both time and money.
  4. Affordable Rates. Our low overhead = affordable rates to you. With our flat-fee, fixed rates, you won't have to worry about getting nickeled-and-dimed to death.
  5. Guarantee. Atiwa has the strongest guarantee in the business. We call it our “Atiwa-8-Advantage” Response Time Guarantee: We’ll have a friendly, competent, English-speaking technician working to resolve your company’s technical problem within 8 minutes or less of receiving your call to our Help Desk for help, or we pay you $100.
  6. Specialists in medical and healthcare. Most of our competitors are jacks-of-all-trades. They work with clients of all sizes in all industries. Many of our competitors seem to have an attitude of “If the check will clear, bring them here.” But we’re not like that. We’ve spent decades gaining knowledge, skills, and expertise in the medical and healthcare industry- the most difficult of industries because of the extreme security concerns, the compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as working within tight budgets and cost constraints. If you need help with HIPAA, PCI, or other industry compliance standards or audits, we're here to help you.
  7. One Stop Shop. Atiwa is the only Houston I.T. services company offering managed services for computers, servers, printers, and copiers, along with a complete inventory of technology rental equipment, including computers, servers, printers, copiers, scanners, shredders, AV and sound equipment, monitors, screens, and projectors.