Atiwa Vision Statement

“Helping Others, by eradicating office technology frustrations and improving office efficiency.”

Atiwa is the #1, most respected, and sought-after I.T., computer, printer, and coper services and support company in Houston, helping companies of all sizes solve their office-technology needs, thereby turning technology fear, dread, and anger into peace of mind, comfort, and productivity by allowing their businesses to run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. We have a culture of helpfulness, high skills, high quality, friendliness, reliability, discipline, and fun.

Atiwa Mission Statement

Atiwa Computing, Inc is a team of fast, friendly, and reliable office technology experts, specializing in computer, printer, copier, telephone, audio visual, and general I.T. services support to companies of all sizes. We accomplish this by providing computer and printer managed services and technology rental equipment.

We are in the positive-customer-experience business, serving customers who need consistent, quality technical support and quality products. We work to make sure that every encounter with Atiwa or any of our people is a positive and successful experience for our clients.

Our clients are companies, of all sizes, who want to deal with us because we work with a sense of urgency. We understand that people are as important as the technology in any solution. What makes us different from others is our reliability and consistency – we do what we say we’ll do.