We thought that knowing a little bit more about our Company Story would help you to know what kind of company you’re doing business with.

Atiwa Computing’s mission, Helping Others, is about helping you, as our client, to solve your computer technology problems.   It’s about helping to open doors for you to technology solutions that will help improve your business.  It’s about helping to protect you and giving you peace of mind.

It’s been this way for 3 decades.   In fact, that was how we started in 1983 when we recognized a formula to help people solve technology problems.  We discovered that with the advent of the personal computer, people needed to rent computers on a short-term basis.

Our very first rental computer, a used Apple II computer, was purchased in February 1983 from a young, 16 year old Houston Memorial High School sophomore whose hobby was tinkering with computers.  He needed to sell a computer that he owned so that he could buy more parts and components to feed his computer-building appetite.   We needed a computer to begin our computer-rental-company idea. So when we discovered each other via a Houston Chronicle newspaper Want-Ad, it was a match made in heaven.

After dealing with him our founders, Wayne and DeDe Springer, concluded, “When this business gets going, we’ll have to think about hiring that young man- he really knows what he’s doing!”    Well, the “young man” was young Michael Dell, who as you know, went on to great things.  But we have the honor of being able to claim that “we bought Michael Dell’s first computer!”  

The only “First” we’re concerned about now is being first in serving YOU.  Atiwa has always put you, our clients, first.  That’s the way we want it.  We want to open our doors to helping YOU with your technology journey…anytime...all the time.

What is the meaning of Atiwa?

“The word “Atiwa” is a Native American word, a Chocktaw Indian word.  But it’s more than just a mere word.  In their language it is actually more of a concept.  The concept of the word Atiwa is a doorway that is opened in a manner of greeting, welcome, and safe-haven.

Atiwa is the concept that our team here strives to present every day to you.  Opening a door for you to the office technology solutions that you need to survive, grow, and proper in YOUR business.  Our team will help guide you, help protect you, and will give you peace of mind.”