Managed IT Services

As a business owner, you already have plenty to juggle. Even your dedicated employees can have a lot on their plates. Our Houston Managed IT services help optimize your workflow and offload what holds it back.

How Atiwa Computing Can Help You Manage Your IT Services

There are a number of ways Atiwa Computing in Houston can help manage your IT systems to ensure optimal workflow:

  • Consulting

    - We can get to the bottom of how your systems currently help and hinder your operations and make appropriate recommendations.

  • 24/7 Support - Technical issues can happen at any time, putting your business at risk. We’re available right when you need us.

  • Backups - Backing up your domain and server information can allow you to access your information and save your business in a pinch.

  • Server Hosting - We store your information on offsite servers and closely monitor them to maximize space and connectivity.

Network & Cybersecurity Services


Microsoft 365

If your company has relied on O365 (now known as M365) to run efficiently, then you might be overwhelmed by all of your options. At Atiwa, we will take our time in discovering what doesn’t currently work for your business and what you would like to achieve.

Next, we will create a custom roadmap for how you can best implement Microsoft’s products and services for your business. Don’t worry, we won’t stop here; we’ll continuously assess how your custom solution works for you and make changes accordingly.


Managed IT Consulting

Different businesses require different managed IT solutions. If you’d like to upgrade your IT management services, we will take the time to discover and understand your problem spots and goals.

This information will help us determine what you need out of your custom managed IT solution so it works for your business, not against it. Once you pick your IT plan, we’ll regularly meet with you to assess your business and continuously optimize your managed IT solution.


Help Desk

When technology doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, our certified and highly-trained help desk technicians are just a phone call away. Whether you’re dealing with hardware, software, or network issues, we’ll work hard to quickly (and effectively) solve your IT problems and prevent them from happening again. You deserve peace of mind while focusing on your day to day tasks, and Atiwa is here to help.

If your email stops working, what do you do? If you came into work today and couldn’t access your email, what would you do? How much business would be lost if it took you an hour to correct the problem? How about two or three hours? And what if more than just email was impacted? For many businesses, IT support is little more than an afterthought – and it’s not until a problem actually prevents people from doing their jobs that anyone realizes proper tech support isn’t in place. Atiwa Computing’s help desk is designed for one thing only – to provide best-in-class service and support to our clients, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the right help is just a phone call away. 

Don’t Settle For Lousy IT Support

Here’s a frustrating scenario: Your network is down thanks to a hardware failure. You call the appropriate tech support number, and are placed on hold for several minutes. After explaining the issue, you’re bounced around to a few different technicians before being told that the problem isn’t actually covered by their support staff – and all the while, your business is at a standstill.

Sound familiar? Don’t let your business get stuck with this level of customer “service”. Our help desk features a team of certified, highly-trained experts that provide best-in-class managed IT services support – 24/7/365. We answer most calls in 30 seconds or less, and our first contact resolution is 77% (the industry average is only 64%).

In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. Without proper managed IT technical support in place, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt–and potentially damaging–halt. With Atiwa Computing’s Help Desk, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our certified technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve even your most complex technical problems.

Our Help Desk supports:

  • Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems
  • Microsoft Office and leading third-party applications
  • E-mail applications and Web browsers
  • Thin clients and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Printer installation and support
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • User administration
  • Desktop performance problems
  • Virus and malware infections

An Extension of our Remote Monitoring Solution

Not every support issue can be called a catastrophe…until it prevents you from being able to do your job. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on growing your business – and to do so, we’ve adopted a proactive approach to network monitoring and managed IT services maintenance in Houston. That’s why our help desk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform. So when you call to report an issue, we’re likely to be already resolving the problem you’re experiencing.

Our U.S.-based Help Desk provides professional and courteous IT support 24x7x365. Whether you’re locked out of your email, need help setting up a new account or anything in between – no problem is too large or small for our certified technical experts to tackle.


Email/Virus/Spam Solutions

As your business grows, so does your network security needs. Spam may begin to multiply and your network will become more vulnerable to attacks such as phishing and malware. To prevent infringement upon your information, you will need a good e-mail system and an exceptional spam protection. Our e-mail solutions and spam protection services can help.

When you sign up with Atiwa Computing's email solution and spam protection managed IT services, you can expect a system that will:

  • Guarantee absolute security – Not only do we stop viruses, worms, and malware before it gets to your inbox, we'll encrypt all of your e-mail data to protect from additional online threats.
  • Give you control – Our new system will make sure to make it clear who is accountable for any irresponsible actions.
  • Make searching a cinch – With Atiwa Computing's easy to understand indexing system,  you won't ever spend unnecessary time looking for an essential e-mail.

Spam protection and e-mail managed IT services are essential in any business in Houston, and we are here to help you get the right service that best meets your needs.


Cloud Computing Solutions

When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you're on a strict budget, Atiwa Computing's cloud computing solutions can help.

Because our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, you’ll never have to worry about an IT cost you can't cover. With no additional IT staff needed and no initial capital investment required, you can now direct your cash to more important, business growing prospects, and leave the little things to us.

When you sign up for Atiwa Computing's professional cloud computing services, you'll find:

  • Security – Your business's vital systems and data will be protected from loss, and even theft.
  • Service and Support – We'll always be around 24/7 to serve your needs, and we'll monitor your systems and manage your IT services to prevent any problems in the first place.
  • Data protection – With our built in data backup and secure data storage, you'll never have to worry about losing your data in the event of any disaster.
  • Tools you can use – When you need to control and manage your systems, we give you easy to use, intuitive tools to help you along the way.

Printer & Copier Management

If you have to manage over 10 networked printers/copiers, did you know that we can help you gain more control over your costs by cutting them by 10%, 20%, and even as much as 30% while also gaining more control?

Did You Know?

  • The Gartner Group says that companies spend 1-3% of their revenues on printing,
  • Printing costs average $15,000 per year per employee.
  • Printing costs are spiraling upward due to higher printing needs and more color copies produced.
  • 40% of all help-desk calls are printer-related.
  • Less than 11% of companies have a printing strategy to save money, boost productivity, and get efficient.
  • 66% of all businesses don’t know how much their printing costs.
  • Over 80% can’t predict a supply and maintenance budget.
  • End users lose an average of 31 minutes a day due to printer-related supply, service, and print quality issues.

Take Control of Your Printer Fleet

Introducing the Atiwa Advantage Print Management System – a new, complete “done-for-you” printer fleet management method, specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s IT staff. Our Managed IT Services System is custom-fitted to your company and will simplify your life by.

  • Zapping headaches of ordering supplies.
  • Preventing “emergency” orders or service.
  • Slashing down time.
  • Eliminating “guesswork.”
  • Saving up to 30% of current printing costs
  • Knowing printer locations
  • Prolonging the life of your current equipment
  • Alerting you to problems BEFORE they occur
  • Briefing you and drawing a picture of your complete printing costs.

Know More. Risk Less.

Knowledge is the first step to freedom. The Atiwa Print Management System will uncover any and all wastage. It will monitor, report, analyze, and manage your print fleet. You sit back and simply look good! At a glance, you’ll know which printers are working, how old they are, the cost per copy of each, the toner levels, and their utilization. What you DON’T know could be hurting your bottom line!

The 3 keys to printer fleet management success

  • Reliable controls
  • Access to all details
  • Automation

Call us for a free onsite demo and printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine assessment today. Our Atiwa Advantage Print Management System is completely secure and reliable. It uses one-way communication only. No personal or user data is collected; only information stored in the memory of the printing devices. Atiwa has a rock-solid reputation for 100% Risk-Free Guarantees.

In addition, we utilize the Xerox XPPS Print Management program, which we apply and utilize for ALL manufacturer’s equipment, not just Xerox. So you have a double guarantee: Atiwa and Xerox! You get the best of both worlds!


Business Class VOIP Phones

With a VOIP phone system, you have the option to host your system elsewhere instead of keeping additional hardware (and a server) in your workplace. This way, you can enjoy functionality, flexibility, and lower costs.


Microsoft Azure Server

Azure has seemingly endless potential when it comes to supplementing your business. However, this also means that this platform can be hard to navigate in the best possible way. You can rely on Atiwa to assist your team in getting the most out of Azure with ease.


Server Hosting Services / Co-Location Service


A disaster strikes, and your servers are down. You lost data, files and time trying to recover it all on your own. But with colocation, that doesn't have to be the case. Atiwa Computing will store all of your information in servers that aren't even in your building, so when something bad happens everything you worked so hard to create stays intact. Colocation is an imperative service that will bring your company many benefits

  • Reduced energy costs: With all of your servers stored offsite, you can save energy and even reduce your carbon footprint when you use our services.
  • No hosting issues ever again: Hosting problems are a thing of the past with Atiwa Computing's colocation services in Houston; we’ll host everything and it's included in our monthly fee.
  • Frugal: Our services are cost effective and a great choice for any sized business.
  • Add extra offices to your suite: When you need extra space for other technology, colocation is your solution.

We'll monitor and upgrade your servers for as needed, and we can even fix computer problems remotely to help you find time to focus on more important tasks.


When you spend a lot of money developing your in-house IT infrastructure, sometimes you realize that it's going to cost you a lot more than you can afford, or it’s more risk than you'd like to manage. That's why Atiwa Computing offers comprehensive hosting services and managed IT services. With Atiwa Computing providing reliable hosting solutions to small and medium sized businesses, you will benefit from a number of quality solutions to your IT problems, including:

  • Connectivity issues: When you need your connection to be dependable, we can guarantee it will be for critical applications and workplace productivity.
  • Server space issues: We'll provide you with ample room that's all available with our secure data center.
  • Houston-based tech support: We'll be able to assist with any issues you have, regardless of the time of night, and even on holidays.
  • High IT costs: With our fixed monthly rate, you won't have to worry about hourly costs racking up a big bill for you.

Office Moves and Cabling Services

Cabling is not something many businesses think about because when everything is working, no one's concerned about what connects their entire network. However, once something goes wrong and a connection fails, it can be incredibly detrimental not only to your data, but to your bank account too. Not to mention, moving your office means reassessing your current cabling solutions.

Before your network goes down, contact Atiwa Computing in Houston. Not only can we help you fix something once it has gone wrong, we can prevent a problem from ever happening in the first place.

When you choose Atiwa Computing to assist with your cabling needs and/or office moves, you're also choosing:

  • Up to Code Installation - Many cable installation companies disregard code completely when it comes to creating a network. We're not only aware of Houston's code, each installation meets or exceeds all city codes.
  • Quality Service - Our experts will install your cables efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.
  • Expert Advice - Having trouble choosing between CAT5E or CAT6 cabling? Don't know if you need new cabling, or just some maintenance? No problem - we'll help you make the best choice for your office.

Mobile Device Management

It’s no secret that your employees want to bring their personal devices into the workplace – and there’s good reason to let them. Unfortunately, successfully managing and securing iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices can be quite a challenge. Supporting mobile workers requires a 24/7 operation.

With Atiwa Computing’s mobile device management solution, we provide businesses with real-time visibility and control over their mobile environment, significantly reducing the risk and cost associated with managing these devices. Our MDM support contains features such as:

  • Visualize the entire mobile computing environment
  • Manage users, devices, and apps across the enterprise
  • Secure corporate data and enforce compliance
  • Quarantining new devices automatically until authorized to access your network
  • Pushing enterprise policies over the air, such as Wi-Fi, email and VPN profiles
  • Application blacklisting and blocking device access
  • Enforcing passcode protection, encryption and security updates
  • Wiping corporate data from lost or stolen devices remotely

And if you’re concerned about having time to actually manage an MDM solution, don’t worry – our technical teams can provide as much support as you need, at no extra cost.


Equipment Recycling

IT equipment can always be recycled. In fact, because these materials are considered toxic electronic waste, they have to be recycled and disposed of properly. Here at Atiwa Computing, we make it easy for you. As your reliable managed IT services expert, we will assist in wiping all your valuable data from your hard drives. We can even assist in safely getting rid of your servers and other equipment.


Computer & Tech Management

For most businesses, the cost of new hardware and computer equipment is hard to justify. Trying to maintain your business's computer hardware in-house requires major financial resources–and since hardware requires consistent upgrades and quickly depreciates, the costs continue. Atiwa Computing offers a better solution for businesses throughout Houston. We provide complete managed IT services hardware solutions in one simple, monthly plan.

Atiwa Computing’s management plans provide:

  • Improved productivity through better technology
  • Access to hardware with any application and operating system
  • Fixed monthly costs, with no capital investment needed
  • Ongoing management and upgrades, as well as 24/7 tech support
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

From tax records to client information, your data is essential in running your business. When it's lost because of an unanticipated natural disaster or even worse, it is stolen, you need to make sure you can recover that data so your business can continue to thrive and grow without losing clients.

Data backup and recovery is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as Atiwa Computing specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you'll always be able to reaccess your data quickly.

With data backup and recovery services with us, you will benefit. Here's how:

  • Plan for unexpected issues: They happen to everyone, and they can happen at any time. Take preventative measures today.
  • Safeguard and defend your business: Atiwa Computing protects your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats so you can focus on more important issues.
  • Don’t wait long for recovery: When your network does go down and data is lost, we'll have it back for you in no time.

Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery in Houston, which Atiwa Computing is proud to provide to you.

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