Attention: Business owners, leaders, or managers; CFO’s; Technical Consultants; or IT Support staff who have to manage more than 10 networked printers: How to slash printing costs while gaining more control – Cut your printing costs by 10%…20%…as much as 30%.

Are you closing your eyes to the waste and the money flying out your door with uncontrolled printing expenses?
Did you know these facts?

  • The Gartner Group says that companies spend 1-3% of their revenues on printing,
  • Printing costs average $15,000 per year per employee.
  • Printing costs are spiraling upward due to higher printing needs and more color copies produced.
  • 40% of all help-desk calls are printer-related.
  • Less than 11% of companies have a printing strategy to save money, boost productivity, and get efficient.
  • 66% of all businesses don’t know how much their printing costs.
  • Over 80% can’t predict a supply and maintenance budget.
  • End users lose an average of 31 minutes a day due to printer-related supply, service, and print quality issues.

How to take complete control of your printer fleet.
Introducing the Atiwa Advantage Print Management System – a new, complete “done-for-you” printer fleet management method, specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s IT staffs. Our System is custom-fitted to your company and will simplify your life by.

  • Zapping headaches of ordering supplies.
  • Preventing “emergency” orders or service.
  • Slashing down time.
  • Eliminating “guesswork.”
  • Saving up to 30% of current printing costs
  • Knowing printer locations
  • Prolonging the life of your current equipment
  • Alerting you to problems BEFORE they occur
  • Briefing you and drawing a picture of your complete printing costs.

Know more. Risk less.
Knowledge is the first step to freedom. The Atiwa Print Management System will uncover any and all wastage. It will monitor, report, analyze, and manage your print fleet. You sit back and simply look good! At a glance, you’ll know what’ printers are working, how old they are, the cost per copy of each, the toner levels, and their utilization. What you DON’T know could be hurting your bottom line!

How to make the system work for you.
The 3 keys to printer fleet management success are reliable controls, access to all details, and getting automated. Print Patrol solves all three of those in an efficient and low-budget way. Choose from five (5) different plans.

A Risk-Free Offer.
Call us for a free onsite demo and printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine assessment today. Our Atiwa Advantage Print Management System is completely secure and reliable. It uses one-way communication only. No personal or user data is collected, only information stored in the memory of the printing devices. Atiwa has a rock-solid reputation for 100% Risk-Free Guarantees.

In addition, we utilize the Xerox XPPS Print Management program, which we apply and ulitize for ALL manufacturer’s equipment, not just Xerox. So you have a double guarantee: Atiwa and Xerox! You get the best of both worlds!

What to do to take control of your printing costs.
Pick up the phone now. Call Atiwa Computing at 713-467-9390 or toll free 800-428-2532. Or send us an email to , or fax us at 713-467-1348. Ask for Bill. They’ll arrange a no-cost, no-obligation demonstration of the huge positive impact the Atiwa Advantage Print Management System will have on your business.

All the best,

Wayne Springer, President
Atiwa Computing, Inc.

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